Welcome to MJ Parratt & Son Ltd

Here at MJ Parratt & Son Ltd, we have vast experience of extending and repairing listed and period properties for a range of clients, some of whom have been our customers for 40 years.

We offer a design to completion service, working with several local architects to find the right style to suit your needs and design. We provide high quality workmanship with attention to detail and finishes, taking great pride in sourcing suitable and matching materials.

The projects that we undertake vary in size from repairs, maintenance, alterations, new builds to both domestic and commercial properties, so please contact us to discuss your ideas.


Our Environmental Commitment

With increasing concern about our surroundings, we are proud to say that we adhere to a range of environmental aims:

  • To use timber from a renewable source.
  • To salvage and re-use as much material as possible.
  • To minimise waste.
  • To work locally to avoid excessive fuel use.
  • To sort waste into recyclable channels.

The M J Parratt & Son Ltd Philosophy

We are a highly skilled and motivated team, dedicated to carrying out projects from concept to completion. At MJ Parratt & Son Ltd we:

  • Work closely with our clients to realise their needs & exceed expectations.
  • Pride ourselves on providing a well trained & polite workforce.
  • Work closely with suppliers to source the best quality products & materials.
  • Are patient with our clients, even when things change along the way.